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Patent Attorney Dr. Gerhard Steffan
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Patentanwaltskammer, Tal 29, 80331 Munich
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Dr. Elmar Leifert and Dr. Gerhard Steffan are part of the patent bar association and are epi members.

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Dr. Elmar Leifert and Dr. Gerhard Steffan are patent attorneys licensed in the Federal Republic of Germany and are each authorized representatives as European Patent Attorneys before the European Patent Office and as European Trademark & Design Attorneys before the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Alicante, Spain).

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Patent Attorney Ordinance  (Federal Law Gazette Volume I 1966, p. 557, last amended by the Act on the Modernization of Procedures in the Law Governing the Patent Attorney Profession of 14 August 2009, Federal Law Gazette, Volume I, p. 2827).
Professional Patent Attorney Code (Notifications of 1997, p. 243 et seq.; as amended by the Resolution of 14 November 2006, coming into force on 14 March 2007 and Resolution of 17 April 2008, coming into force on 3 September 2008)
FICPI Rules of Conduct (approved by the Executive Committee in its meeting in Bissone on 27 April to 1 May 1982 and amended on 8 September 1997 in Copenhagen, on 19 October 1998 in Florence and on 15 April 2008 in Sydney)
Code of Professional Conduct of the epi (adopted by the Council of the Institute in Brussels on 13 November 1979, supplemented on 5 November 1985 in Munich and on 7 May 1996 in Dublin, and amended on 3 October 1997 in Strasbourg and on 8 May 2001 in Madrid)

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